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How to play a Lottery

How to Play PlentyMillions

To play the PlentyMillions, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Choose 6 numbers from 40

To win the jackpot, you will need to match the 6 main numbers for the respective drawing.

Prize Breakdown

PlentyMillions - Prize Breakdown

PlentyMillions gives players access to a big number of options to win cash. Here are the prize tiers, as well as the average prize for each:

Numbers Matched Estimated Prize
5,000,000 Naira
240,000 Naira
5,000 Naira
3 560 Naira


The sum in each prize tier depends on the number of people who have bought a ticket for the respective drawing and the number of winners. If there’s no jackpot winner, the sum will roll over towards the next drawing.

Players have 180 days from the date of the drawing in order to make a prize claim. 

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts about the PlentyMillions

1. The biggest jackpot in the history of PlentyMillions is 5.675 million Nigerian Naira (17,461 US dollars). The luckiest person in the country is called Anthony Akuma – a small business owner. Anthony won the April 19, 2017 drawing.

2. If you’re eager to find out whether you’ve won, you can watch the PlentyMillions drawings on YouTube. These are streamed live via the lottery’s official channel.

3. PlentyMillions is a game in the portfolio of EG&H Integrated Concepts Ltd. The company is licensed to operate a national lottery in Nigeria and it is authorized by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. Not only is the organization committed to ensuring the fairness of every single drawing, it also plays a role in supporting the growth and development of local communities.

4. Every PlentyMillions drawing comes with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of 5 million Naira. If there’s more than one winner, the amount will be split evenly. In the case of no winner, the jackpot will roll over towards the next drawing by at least 50 percent of the previous jackpot.

5. Because PlentyMillions comes with a rather unusual format (6 out of 40 numbers), it features much better odds of winning the jackpot than many other national lotteries.

Latest Results

Latest PlentyMillions Results

The PlentyMillions Lotto draws take place on:

  • Every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 5pm West Africa Time (WAT)

Ticket sales close shortly before the drawing date for the respective day. If you buy a ticket later, it will be for next day’s drawing.

To find out if you’ve won something, check the PlentyMillions Lotto results below:


Date Result
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