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17 Aug 2017 (Thursday)

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How to play a Lottery

How to Play Winlot Lotto

To play the Winlot Lotto, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 90
  • There are also permutation options (a minimum of three and a maximum of 20 numbers that increase the odds of winning)

To win the jackpot, you will need to match the 5 main numbers for the respective drawing.

Prize Breakdown

Winlot Lotto - Prize Breakdown

Winlot gives players access to a big number of options to win cash. Here are the prize tiers, as well as the average prize for each:

Numbers Matched Estimated Prize
Match 5 440,000 NGN
Match 4 60,000 NGN
Match 3 21,000 NGN
Match 2 2,400 NGN
Match 1 400 NGN


Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts about the Winlot Lotto

1. The lottery is provided by Winlot Global Resources Limited. Located in Nigeria, this organization is responsible for organizing games across several African countries. Its primary mission is to ensure fairness, responsible gaming and the dedication of funds to charitable causes.

2. Several games fall under the Winlot umbrella. These include 5/90 Ghana, 5/90 Indoor, 10/90 Ghana, 1/12 Zodiac and Winlot Popoola. There are slight rule variations for each one of these. In addition, each one of the games comes with multiple drawings per week. As a result, players have various options to choose among and a chance to win some cash every single day.

3. All of the Winlot drawings are televised, giving players a chance to instantly access information about the winning numbers. These are also made available via the Winlot Facebook page where some additional useful information is published on a regular basis.

4. On top of handing out cash prices, Winlot Global Resources Limited is also recognized for additional reward packages. On some occasions, the lottery company hands out motorcycles, audio equipment, mobile phones and television sets. These are usually handed out via a raffle.

5. Apart from supporting charitable causes, the Winlot team itself is actively involved in the betterment of the local community. In April 2017, for example, the Winlot staff donated blood to assist the functioning of the local blood bank. Winlot reported that the team is planning to carry out similar campaigns in the future, as well.

Latest Results

Winlot Lotto: Latest Results

The Winlot Lotto draws take place on:

  • Every single day of the week (the specific drawing time varies on the basis of day and game)

Ticket sales close shortly before the drawing date for the respective day. If you buy a ticket later, it will be for next day’s drawing.

To find out if you’ve won something, check the winning Winlot Lotto numbers below:

Date Result
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