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Tired of having to go to the store every time you want to play lotto? What about the stress of losing your precious ticket in the lead-up to a big draw? Well, why not opt for an online lottery instead? It is a more comfortable and easier way to play. Sign up with 24Lottos today to play on the biggest and most lucrative lotteries in the world, all from the comfort of your very own living room. US Mega Millions, Ghana Lotto, Powerball, and EuroMillions are just some of the many massive draws on offer. And no, you don’t have to live in the countries in which they’re held to play. 24 Lottos allows players to participate in these lottos and more from almost anywhere on Earth. Best of all, once you’ve played your numbers, you won’t have to do a thing. We will inform our clients of any winnings, from small supplementary prizes to multimillion-dollar jackpots, all automatic. What are you waiting? Open a FREE account with 24Lottos and play lottery online today!

Get Lottery Results Right After the Draw

If you’re still playing the lottery the old-fashioned way, you could be missing out on millions, Literally. Imagine, after years of playing the same numbers, you’re lucky numbers flash up on screen. A moment of euphoria shakes your body to the core. You’ve finally won the jackpot. You’re a made man. A millionaire! But then, a dreaded realization seeps in. Where did you put that ticket? Unless you can find that precious piece of paper, you’ve got no way of claiming your newfound riches. They’re kaput, done and dusted, gone with the wind. And they’re never coming back. Sound farfetched? It isn’t. In the United States alone, $2.89 billion worth lottery prizes went unclaimed in the 12 months leading up to June 2017. Almost all of these would have been avoided with online lotto. Another possibility is you weren’t aware your lotto had a secondary prize. Sure, most only pay out a few dollars or so. But others can be worth a million bucks or more. This situation occurs hundreds of times each year, In either case, rather than sailing a yacht through the Caribbean this summer, you’ll be stuck at your dead-end job working ungodly hours for a boss you hate. And you never would have even known you’d hit the jackpot.

How Online Lotto Can Help You Win

As you can see, human error often results in substantial unclaimed lottery winnings. Do you trust yourself to get it right when so much money is at stake? Online lotto takes the potential for human error out of the equation. Unlike regular lotto, you’ll be informed via email of your latest lottery results. Best of all, you’ll always know when you’ve won, including additional prizes which could be worth millions. Don’t expose your money to unnecessary risk. Use an online lottery to guarantee you’ll receive the winnings that are rightfully yours.

Why Should You Play Lotto Online with 24Lottos?

Here are six reasons why you should play with 24 Lottos.

A One-Stop Online Lotto Shop

Here at 24Lottos, we provide to all your lotto needs on the one website. Players can choose from a wide range of international draws and will receive instant notification of the latest lotto results directly to their email. Furthermore, smaller lottery wins are automatically transferred directly to the player’s account, meaning they won’t have to lift a finger to receive a payout.


Be warned; there are plenty of scam websites out there. A few minutes of independent internet research will confirm we’re the real deal. Check out our online reviews to see what our happy customers are saying about us all over the web. Worried about your personal information? You needn’t be. We use the latest security certifications and online encryption techniques to safeguard your sensitive data at all times. Guaranteed.

Simple and Easy to Use

Here at 24Lottos, we don’t try to overwhelm our customers with a confusing array of options. On the contrary, our mission is to provide the most user-friendly and straightforward service on the internet. Our players come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some speak limited English while others have no idea how to play online lotto. We this in mind, we strive to ensure our service is easily accessible to anyone and everyone.

The Wide Range of Lottos on Offer

Sick of playing your country’s boring old lotto? At 24Lottos, we have agents on standby throughout the world to ensure our international clients can access the highest stakes lottos on Earth.

Everyday Low Prices

24Lottos doesn’t charge a cent for winnings, meaning you’ll get to keep every sweet penny you earn. Rather than taking a commission, we charge players a low one-time fee to purchase a ticket. If the standard draw doesn’t interest you, we offer the rare opportunity to purchase a single line. After that, all you need do is sit back and watch the winnings roll in.

Excellent Customer Support

We know our customers are critical to our success. And we know how to treat them in a manner they deserve. At 24Lottos, we offer fast and responsive email and text message support Monday to Friday. Regardless of when you decide to get in touch, we promise you’ll hear back from us within 24 hours.