Privacy Policy -

24lottos is committed and under the legal obligation to safeguard your personal information when using our services. Our goal is to make the services we offer enjoyable and safe for our audience. This Privacy Policy outlines the use of any information we collect from you through any available channels, including email, phone, or the online login platform.

So that we can provide you with the entire range of 24lottos services, we may collect information from you. may contain hyperlinks to sites owned and operated by persons other than 24lottos. In such cases, we advise you to review their privacy policies before submitting any personal information to these websites. We shall not be held liable or responsible for the privacy practices of third-party websites, and your interaction with these sites is therefore at your own risk.

In this Privacy Policy, 'You' or 'Your' are interpreted to mean you as a user or participant in the 24lottos website. 'We,' 'Us' or 'Our' mean 24lottos.

All the information, whether printed, transmitted, or otherwise submitted to us through our site, shall be taken to be the sole property of 24lottos. We shall be free to utilize this information for any purpose as long as it is legal as detailed in this Policy.

24lottos reserves the right to avail your information to government officials or law enforcement agencies where necessary in compliance with the law of the land and region in which we conduct our services.

Information Collection and Use:

To adhere to GDPR requirements and other applicable privacy and data protection regulations to the best of our abilities, we define the term information processing as data collection, storage, and use after that specific data comes into our possession. We collect, track or use the following information to provide, measure, and improve our services over time.

Log Data: When you interact with our website and use our services, we may collect IP addresses, Operating System, Browser type, Pages visited, the referring source, device information, cookie information, and search terms.

Basic Account Information: When you participate in surveys, fill online forms, or create a 24lottos account, you knowingly provide personal information, including username, email address, password, demographic, and location information. Your name and username as provided to us will be publicly displayed on your profile page.

Transaction Information: To facilitate commercial transactions through our site, you may be required to provide payment information. This information is privately stored in our database and available if you want to change or remove it.

Other types of personal information we may collect and process include your real name and contact information, Facebook user ID (for Facebook Sign-In), Google user ID (for Google Sign-In), nationality, marketing-related data, third-party database information,  other kinds of information you share when contacting us for customer support.

Use of Information Collected by 24lottos:

24lottos will use the personal information provided for several purposes, some of which include:

Enhance User Experience: Your personal, profile, and demographic data will be used to improve your experience on our site and enable us to develop and present content that is valuable to you.

Promotional Purposes: Through the contact information you provide us, we may send information about 24lottos.

Site Analytics: Your profile, demographic, and personal data may be used for statistical analysis and research, website improvement, editorial, and feedback purposes.

Future Use: Not all information collected by us is put to use immediately. Some of it may be securely stored in our databases for future engagements, such as communications regarding site updates, new services, and products, upcoming events, or orders placed online.

We may also need to use personal information to verify your identity, to give you access to more personalized service/content suggestions, and to address inquiries coming from legal entities and authorities. Rest assured that while the personal information is stored in our database for these purposes, it doesn't contain personally identifiable elements.

How We Collect Personal Data:

To ensure service quality and relevance, we may collect personal data in a couple of ways:

  • Whenever you sign in with your Google or Facebook account
  • Whenever you fill out a form
  • Whenever you register voluntarily for service provision
  • Through online purchases via your account
  • Automatic data collection whenever you use the website

Remember that we follow GDPR guidelines and other international regulations when collecting and storing such personal information. We adhere to all regulatory requirements, making sure that sensitive information is being protected and processed safely.

Third-Party Information Sharing and Disclosure:

Except as indicated in the circumstances below, 24lottos does not disclose your private and personal information.

Service Provision: To provide you with 24lottos products and services, we may share your personal information, such as payment information, with third-party service providers in line with the confidential obligations stated in this Privacy Policy. Such sharing and disclosure of information are subject to the condition that the third parties will use the information only according to our guidelines and instructions.

Law and Harm: Where necessary, we may disclose your information to law enforcement agencies to comply with a regulation or legal request, to address fraud, technical or security issues; or to protect 24lottos rights or property.

Your Rights to Opt-Out:

As a user, you have a right to opt-out of receiving any communications either from us or our partners. You may do this by not submitting your personal information in the first place or unsubscribing from our marketing lists. 24lottos provides you with the necessary tools and account settings to modify or access your personal information as provided to us.

Our Policy Towards Children:

It is not the intention of 24lottos for anyone under the age of 18 to view the information and services given to us or our sponsors, affiliates, and advertisers. There is no information provided by or collected from children that are deliberately and knowingly used for any promotional or marketing purposes inside or outside 24lottos. No part of a 24lottos site is designed to attract children.

When can 24lottos Contact You:

24lottos may contact you regarding any service or online content you may have signed up for so as to deliver the services to you. Also, we may contact you in relation to correspondence, comments, or complaints we receive from you about our services. In the event of your account status, subscriber agreements, or privacy policy changes, we reserve the right to contact and inform you on the same.

Changes to this Policy:

From time to time, we may, where necessary, revise this Privacy Policy. The most current version of the Privacy Policy will be the one governing the use of your information, and you will be notified of its existence and location via the contact details associated with your account.

Our Contact Information:

In case of any queries about this Privacy Policy statement, your dealings with our website, or the practices of the 24lottos site, you can get in touch with us through the details provided on our Contact Us page.

Anti-Spam Policy:

24lottos is committed and dedicated to fighting spam, including any unsolicited bulk email. However, you may receive the following emails from 24lottos.

  • Acknowledgments of application receipts and requests for additional actions.
  • Responses to inquiries on deposit and payment status, among other transactional requests.
  • Appreciation emails and thank you notes.
  • Promotional communication for our services and products as well as any changes in service provision.

Security of Personal Information:

To ensure your personal information is secure, we adhere to the generally accepted industry standards, which include the use of physical, administrative, and technical safeguards in protecting the information that our users provide us. Sensitive information such as credit card details and other financial data is protected using SSL encryption. Since no channel or method of information transmission or electronic storage is 100 percent secure, we cannot guarantee absolute security. However, we strive to utilize the necessary and commercially acceptable means to safeguard your personal information.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales, or Bankruptcy:

If 24lottos enters into a merger with or sold to a third party, we reserve the absolute right to assign or transfer the personal information in our custody as part of the acquisition, merger, sale, or change of control. In the unfortunate event of insolvency, receivership, reorganization, or bankruptcy, we may not be in a position to control the flow and treatment of personal information.

In any of the scenarios described here, the information transferred or assigned will be utilized and manipulated subject to the Privacy Policy of the purchasing or assigned party.

Our Cookie Policy:

On the 24lottos website, cookies record information concerning your online preferences, which in turn allows us to tailor our site and content to serve your interests. The cookie information enables us to find out useful data about your site visits and interactions. This gives us insight into how to better your experience on our site. Certain sections of our website may have a specific reason why they use cookies, such as to enable our website elements to work effectively on your device.

During your visit to, you may notice that some cookies are not related to our website or any of our contractors. We do not control the dissemination of such cookies, and we always advise our site users to check and confirm with the third-party websites concerning their Cookie Policy.

Your Rights Under International Data Protection Laws:

A number of laws and international regulations protect you and give you various rights pertaining to the usage of your personal information.

Since May 2018, GDPR has offered extensive legislative protection to website users. Under this regulation, you have a number of key rights:

  • To know who'll be using your personal information and how
  • To request the correction and removal of your personal information from a database
  • To object to some or all of the methods being used for data collection and processing
  • To limit a service provider from using all or some of your personal information
  • To request a copy of all personal information being stored within a database (if you need to do so, please get in touch with us)
  • To move or copy your personal information
  • To be forgotten (having all of your information deleted from a database upon request)

If you need more information about these rights or want to exercise any of them, please get in touch with our team immediately.

Personal Information You Can Access:

24lottos allows you to view and, in certain situations, update the following information about you. The following list may change if 24Lottos's policy changes.

  • Account and user profile information
  • User email address
  • User phone number
  • Facebook profile information
  • Google profile information
  • User preferences
  • 24lottos specific data

Withdrawal of Consent to Share Personal Information:

You have the right to withdraw your consent for processing your data at any time.

The personal information shared with us is stored in our archives and can be viewed at any time. Send us a message if you would like to be provided with the information we store and collect about you.

You can withdraw your consent for the processing of personal data by getting in touch with our Customer Support.