Terms & Conditions

Carefully read the below terms and conditions and privacy policy before transacting with 24Lottos, operated by , located at 2nd Floor, S10C, Lagos City Mall, Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria. This is to ensure that you understand your legal obligations and rights with regard to 24Lottos.

1. Rules

1.1 If you purchase from 24Lottos.com, you are consenting to abide by all the provisions detailed in this agreement between 24Lottos, operated by (hereinafter referred to as "24Lottos"), and you (the user).
1.2 24Lottos.com may add, change, or remove certain sections of this agreement at any time. However, if it does so, the changes made will be displayed on this site and will come into force immediately.
1.3 If any provision included in this agreement is not clear to you, we request that you clarify first before transacting or ordering from us.

2. Description of Service

2.1 24Lottos is a Messenger Service, which buys lottery tickets on behalf of its users. When you play at the 24Lottos service, we will buy lottery tickets as instructed by you for the games you specify.
2.2 24Lottos is neither a direct nor an indirect affiliate of any lottery commission program or operator in the world. We do not sell lottery tickets; 24Lottos does not receive commissions from lottery organizations in exchange for its service.
2.2.1 24Lottos is the provider of a lottery betting service. In the event of choosing lottery betting over ticket buying, you will be placing a bet against the official results of the respective lottery. This service is provided by 24Lottos and as such, the company does not buy a ticket for the official drawing on your behalf.
By using the service, you acknowledge that placing a bet via the 24Lottos website does NOT entitle you to participate in the official lottery. It is your sole responsibility to differentiate between the available services and choose the one that matches your needs.
2.3 When someone places a bet on any of the Ghana 5/90 fixed odds games on 24Lottos, 24Lottos acts as an agent placing the bet on behalf of the user using Lottomania, delivering stakes waged by users and handing over to users the prizes/winnings received in accordance with these terms. In other words, 24Lottos acts as an intermediary messenger service between the user and the bookmaker, LottoMania. Lottomania Nigeria Limited is licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria in accordance with the Lottery Act of 2005.
2.4 After the draw, you will be sent an email to notify you of the lottery outcome and your purchase status. 24Lottos will also inform you in the event you have won any winnings and credit winnings to your wallet.
2.5 24Lottos has a password-protected section on its website that enables you to view your ticket purchase status, your tickets as well as other information pertaining to your account.
2.6 WINNINGS: 24Lottos will do the best of its ability to detect when you win and help you in collecting your winnings from the lotteries you play.
2.7 The ultimate responsibility rests with you to inform 24Lottos when you have won.
2.8 In certain circumstances, such as when a lottery requires additional identification or when you win a jackpot, the lottery organization may require that you physically appear so as to collect your prize.

3. Procedures for handling your winnings:

3.1 On your behalf, 24Lottos offers to collect and transfer your prize from the lottery operator to your account.
3.2 Depending on the size of your winnings, we may send you an official lottery claim form that you fill, sign, and send it back to us. We will then use this form plus your ticket to collect your winnings. The organization in charge of the lottery will send us a check bearing your name, which only you can cash or be deposited into a United States bank account opened under your name. Upon receiving the check, we shall notify you and make the necessary arrangements to enable you to receive the funds.
3.3 Where the lottery requires you to appear in person, you will do so and pick up your winning ticket at our offices.
3.4 Any third-party costs incurred as a result of the winnings collection process, including the transfer of monies to you and the handling of the winning ticket, will be borne by you.
3.5 The responsibility for reporting your income, including the payment of taxes to the relevant Federal and local authorities in the US as well as the country you reside in, lies on you. Consenting to this agreement also means you acknowledge the lottery organization may, on your behalf, retain part of your winnings and directly forward it to the relevant tax authority.
3.6 Any winnings handled on your behalf by 24Lottos will be credited directly to your 24Lottos account unless it’s a jackpot win, and then you have 15 days to advise where you’d like your money.
3.7 If for some reason, the lottery operator does not deliver the winning prize to us, we will not shoulder any obligation to compensate you a corresponding amount. However, we will avail your winning ticket to you so that you can collect your prize from the lottery operator in person.
3.8 If you win with the 24Lottos lottery betting service, you acknowledge that the prize payouts will be made in accordance with the prize table of the lottery that you won.
If you win a jackpot or a large amount when betting against the official lottery result, you will be contacted by a 24Lottos representative to clear any doubts and get all details about the specifics of the payout. You agree to provide the customer service team with all of the information required to handle, process, and issue your payment.
A large payment will be issued by the insurer that 24Lottos partners with. All winning large bets are underwritten by the insurer and processed by this company. The payout procedure, information required from the winner, and potential deductions (required to handle the costs of prize processing) will all be determined and announced by the insurer. You agree to cooperate and accept the terms of service as presented in this document.

4. Purchase Terms

4.1 LEGALITY: The validity of these terms and conditions is subject to the legal provision of the state or country in which you reside. You are directly and solely responsible for ensuring the legal permissibility of this service in your jurisdiction.
4.2 ELIGIBILITY: 24Lottos requires that all users be 18 years of age and above. You are allowed to access and use the Services only if you are legally permitted to do so by the laws of your jurisdiction. In addition, you’re not a person on the excluded list.
4.3 EXCLUDED LIST: Citizens and residents of the United States of America.
4.4 OWNERSHIP: As the 24Lottos user, you are the lottery ticket sole owner, and any winnings which arise from the tickets we buy on your behalf.
4.5 TRANSFER: You acknowledge that your lotto tickets can neither be transferred nor assigned to another party.
4.6 TAXES: As a 24Lottos user, you are responsible for the payment of all relevant taxes associated with the income you receive from your lottery winnings.
4.7 CURRENCY: To the extent that we credit or transfer you any amounts under these Terms, we will do so in the US Dollar currency. When you make payments to 24Lottos, you can do so with any currency applicable to your location, and it will be converted to the designated currency (US Dollars) on 24Lottos. We may charge a fee for such conversion, and it is included in the transaction upon deposit. Note that as currency rates fluctuate globally, the exchange rates on 24lottos will be adjusted accordingly.
4.8 CHARGES AND CANCELLATIONS: The purchase of a lotto ticket from 24Lottos is a direct authorization by you to impose charges to your credit card both for the ticket fees and any other goods or services pertaining to the site. After the purchase has been made on the site, 24Lottos will not be able to refund the payment. However, if you believe you’ve been wrongfully charged, you may request a refund.
4.9 START OF PURCHASE: As soon as your payment is verified and 24Lottos is able to buy a lottery ticket on your behalf, your purchase will commence immediately. Our system endeavors to prevent you from participating in the lottery draw in case of miss matching the due date. Therefore, if you suddenly bought the ticket after the draw begins, you will be automatically forwarded to the next draw.
4.10 TERM OF AGREEMENT: This agreement will take effect on the first date following the purchase of a lottery ticket on your behalf.
4.11 WINNINGS: All winnings will be processed as per the terms detailed in the ‘Description of Service’ section above. 24Lottos will expend every effort to detect if you are a winner and collect all winnings on your behalf. We will notify you with immediate effect when we collect the said winnings. Upon the collection, 24Lottos will ask you for guidelines on what to do with the winnings. In the event you do not contact 24Lottos within 15 days after the winning draw date with elaborate instructions on how to process the winnings, all winnings will be transferred to your user account. 
24Lottos does not bear any responsibility for your winnings yet to be collected from the lottery organization. We are a Messenger Service, and we will only attempt to collect your winnings on your behalf when instructed to do so by you. However, 24Lottos has the ultimate responsibility to avail to you upon request your winning ticket.
We will also attempt to notify you of any prizes you win. As the user, you have the responsibility to inform 24Lottos of any winnings within the time limits set by the respective lottery operators for prize claims.
4.12 In the event of winning over £50,000 or $50,000 or AUD/€50,000 in a single play (depending on the currency of the lottery), 24Lottos will be in charge of the collection and claiming of the winnings on the user’s behalf. Due to this being such a complex process and requiring additional resources, there will be a fee of 10% (for extra costs that occur). In the event of winning over £5,000 or $5,000 or AUD/€5,000 in a group play (depending on the currency of the lottery), there will be a 5% fee (for extra costs that may occur).
4.13 When you win the jackpot prize or a bigger amount from playing in the 1-year ticket bundle group play, our representative will claim the prize for you, and we will deposit the winnings in your 24Lottos wallet. In order to withdraw your winnings, you will need to complete a withdrawal request form and submit all the necessary documents. As soon as your details have been verified, funds will be transferred to the bank account you provided. A withdrawal request takes between three and ten working days to process, excluding weekends and public holidays. Additionally, 24Lottos charges 5% for handling and insurance of winnings from $50,000 and above.
4.14 Winning USA Mega Millions and Powerball tickets (individual or syndicated) of $600.01 and over are subject to US Federal Withholding tax. New York State's Department of Revenue (where 24Lottos tickets are purchased) removes the 25 percent federal withholding before we receive the net winnings. In addition to federal taxes, New York state withholds 8.82% for local taxes. All 600.01 and over winnings from USA Mega Millions and USA Powerball lotteries are automatically generated by our system based on the official prize breakdown and are listed in a player's account WITHOUT tax deductions shown. When a winning USA Mega Millions or Powerball ticket (or winning syndicate share) exceeds $600.01 and a player requests a withdrawal, 24Lottos will make the payout after deducting the total country and state taxes owed. These taxes currently amount to 33.82% on winning USA Mega Millions or USA Powerball tickets over $600.01. In addition, 24Lottos will deduct US Taxes and international banking fees from each payout.
4.15 MEGA MILLIONS AND POWERBALL PRIZE PAYOUTS: Similar to MUSL (Multi-State Lottery Association) Mega Millions and Powerball, 24Lottos may also pay out the winnings in the Prize Category 1 (jackpot) over 30 years (the “Annuity Option”). With the "Annuity Option", 24Lottos will make the first payment as soon as possible after the draw, with the following 29 payments being made at intervals of one year. The level of payments is calculated so that they increase annually by the percentage determined by MUSL until the full sum has been collected. If 24Lottos elects to pay out winnings in one lump sum (“Cash Option”), the winnings are discounted after withholdings, as in MUSL Mega Millions and Powerball. The discount rate is 40%, i.e. the lump sum is 60% of the "Annuity Option" value. The payout plan is chosen at 24Lottos' discretion.
4.16 MEGA MILLIONS AND POWERBALL PRIZE WITHHOLDINGS: 24Lottos retains 38% of the prizes in the highest three prize categories in Mega Millions and Powerball. This is to put the player in the same economic position that they would have if they played the underlying lottery.
4.17 FREE TICKET: Should any user win a Free Ticket on any of the lotteries, this free ticket comes with the Lucky Dip option, which is a randomly-generated entry. Members will, therefore, be aware that they have won a “lucky dip” win, and for transparency, be able to see the numbers entered into the next draw following the win.
4.18 WITHDRAWING WINNINGS: Small winnings will be credited to your account immediately. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. Only winnings can be withdrawn. In some cases, there will be a varying transaction fee of between $5 - $50 on the withdrawal. By submitting a withdrawal request, you approve the deduction of the transaction fee of the amount. Please note that this fee is subject to change depending on the bank or processor.
4.19 WITHDRAWING DEPOSIT: Deposits can be withdrawn however, the charges associated with the transaction would be deducted from the amount to be withdrawn.
4.20 ERRONEOUS INFORMATION: 24Lottos will carefully record the winning number for all official lottery drawings. In the event the wrong information is sent over to you, the user, you reserve no right to any claim, as shown by such erroneous information. Instead, you waive any claim against 24Lottos for receipt of erroneous information.
4.21 FORCE MAJEURE: 24Lottos will not be liable for delay or failure in undertaking an obligation under this agreement such as collecting winnings and purchasing lottery tickets if it is prevented by causes beyond its control, including extreme weather, natural catastrophes, actions of lottery organizations, or commissions, local and federal governments, slowdowns or transportation stoppages, computer viruses, war, network slowdown, or any reason deemed as beyond the control of 24Lottos and its employees or agents.
4.22 JURISDICTION: This agreement shall be governed by the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom.
4.23 SCOPE OF THE AGREEMENT: These terms and conditions, including any future amendments or updates, constitute the whole and entire agreement between 24Lottos.com and any user registered to the site or taking part in the activities proposed by 24Lottos. Any promise, presentation, consent, or undertaking, whether in writing or verbally, which contravenes these terms and conditions will be null and void.
4.24 START OF SUBSCRIPTION: As soon as your payment is verified and 24Lottos is able to buy a lottery ticket on your behalf, your subscription will commence immediately.
4.25 SUBSCRIPTION AUTO-RENEWAL: The VIP Prime Subscription has an auto-renewal feature. You have to manually disable it or contact customer support to stop the renewal to avoid getting subscribed automatically after it expires.
4.26 TERM OF AGREEMENT: This agreement will take effect on the first date following the purchase of a lottery ticket on your behalf and will continue until the date 24Lottos receives a written notice of subscription termination from you or the last date a lottery ticket is bought on your behalf.
4.27 REFUND POLICY: If 24Lottos is unable to fulfill an offer to purchase a ticket for a user for any reason whatsoever before the draw commences, the offer to purchase is void, and a full refund will be made to the user's 24Lottos account within 24 Hours.
4.28 PREDICTION SERVICE: 24Lottos doesn’t offer prediction services for Ghana Lotto or any other lottery games.
4.29 GROUP PLAY: 24Lottos assures that your portion of a group play and your winning odds will not be affected negatively, regardless of the number of shares actually sold. In the case of a win, you will be paid out according to your share ownership. In case Group play shares are unsold, 24Lottos will reduce the lines purchased for the group, but the portion of the prize will increase.
4.30 GIFT CARD: A gift card is only valid after the first deposit and the ticket purchase. There are no limitations to the number of friends a player can send a gift card.
4.31 LOTTERY BETTING: When buying a playslip for our lottery betting service, you’re agreeing to the fact that 24Lottos may share some of your information with our insurance company. This is needed so that you’re contacted in the event of winning a big prize for a quicker payout.
Depending on the situation, our insurance company may require some additional information from you. Proof of address may be needed and the same applies to an identity document. By participating in our lottery betting, you’re agreeing to the provision of such information as required by the insurance company for a correct payout.
The insurer has the right to make a couple of deductions from your prize. These include the following:

  • The costs and expenses that the insurer incurred while processing the payment and releasing the amount linked to the winning bet. In some instances, these expenses could include (travel, accommodation, banking, currency conversion, or other costs/fees).
  • Taxes that have to be deducted from your prize before payout. Such deductions are mandated by law.

5. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The materials presented on this site are provided as they are and have no warranty either implied or expressed, such as implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, and fitness for a certain purpose. 24Lottos does not guarantee the completeness, usefulness, or accuracy of any information on this site. 24Lottos also does not warrant that the information contained in materials available on the site or their functions are error-free or uninterruptible. You site user and not 24Lottos, is responsible for the entire cost of all necessary repair, servicing, and correction.

Under no circumstances will 24Lottos assume liability for any consequential or special damages resulting from the inability to use or the use of information presented on this site irrespective of whether 24Lottos has been notified of the possibility of such damages or not. 24Lottos total liability, including losses, damages, and causes of action, will in no event exceed the amount you paid to 24Lottos in the course of your last subscription for products or services purchased on this site. 24Lottos shall not be held liable under any circumstances, including negligence for the settlement of a lottery’s jackpot.

24Lottos is neither a lottery operator nor holds lottery draws. Each of your lottery participation is purely voluntary and done at your own risk. In case of any dispute with a lottery operator or other third party with regards to a lottery draw, you agree that 24Lottos will not be held accountable for any damages or claims arising from such a dispute—24Lottos reserves the right but not an obligation to monitor such disputes.
Except otherwise stated, 24Lottos does not make any warranties, representations, or conditions either implied or express as to the safety of the information you provide or the activities you participate in during your use of the site.

24Lottos cannot be held responsible for:

(a) if a player's submission was incorrect or received after the stated cut-off time (particularly if the player had a winning combination in that draw). However, a player will have the option to submit for the next draw;

(b) any losses caused by players, such as unauthorised access to an online account or failure to follow 24Lottos' reasonable instructions (whether oral or written);

(c) if a player's account is refused, suspended, or canceled;

(d) any error during the 24Lottos ticket purchase process, including but not limited to technical, batching, retail outlet, or purchasing errors. If an error falls within this clause, 24Lottos shall promptly credit a players account for the cost of the ticket(s);

(e) any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, malfunction, delay in operation or transmission, communication line failure, theft, destruction, alteration, or unauthorised access to a player's account, or any loss, corruption, damage, or delay of submissions or requests resulting from (24Lottos or player) server functionality, technical issues, viruses, bugs, or other causes outside 24Lottos reasonable control;

(f) any downtime or malfunctioning of the Website;

(g) in contract, tort (including but not limited to negligence or breach of statutory duty) or for any misrepresentation, implied warranty, condition, or other terms, or under common law, for:

(i) any loss that is not foreseeable, including special, indirect, or consequential losses;

(ii) damages arising from or in connection with the provision of the services, the purchase of tickets in an official lottery, or the use or access to the websites;

(h) in the event that 24Lottos fails to perform any of its obligations regarding the provision of the services and/or the purchase of tickets on behalf of a player, if the delay or failure is the result of one of the following acts of force majeure beyond 24Lottos reasonable control:

(i) natural disasters, explosions, floods, tempests, fires, or accidents;

(ii) armed conflict, terrorism, sabotage, insurrection, civil disturbance, or requisition;

(iii) any acts, restrictions, regulations, bylaws, prohibitions, or measures taken by any governmental, parliamentary, or local authority;

(iv) industrial actions, lockouts, or trade disputes;

(v) a power outage or breakdown of machinery.

6. Responsible Gambling Policy

24Lottos encourages responsible attitudes and approaches to gambling. In this regard, we prohibit any person less than 18 years of age from participating or registering an account with us. We also recommend that all users limit their lottery draws participation and not entirely depend on the lottery as a source of income. In the event you strongly feel your usage of our services amounts to irresponsibility, we encourage that you review your participation before proceeding.

7. Assignment

The terms and conditions, including any licenses and rights granted here, should not be assigned or transferred by you, the user but 24Lottos reserves the right to assign without notifying you.

No applicable law may allow for the exclusion of the above limitations of liability or implied warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can play the biggest world lotteries from anywhere in the world with 24Lottos.com. An official lottery ticket will be purchased by our representatives on your behalf and kept secure. After the draw, you will be sent an email to notify you of the lottery outcome. 24Lottos will also inform you in the event you have won any prizes.

Playing lotteries with 24Lottos is fun, simple and risk free!