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How to play a Lottery

How to Play Spain - El Gordo de Navidad

To take part in the next El Gordo de Navidad (officially known as Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad) draw:

  • Buy an entire ticket (that consists of 10 perforated sub-tickets known as decimos)
  • If an entire ticket is too expensive, you can buy a single decimo

To win a prize, you need to have a ticket that features the respective number drawn for the prize category on it. If you have acquired only a decimo, you will be entitled to 10 percent of the prize that the entire ticket has won.

In this sense, El Gordo de Navidad is not similar to other lotteries. You don’t choose the numbers, the tickets are pre-printed. There’s a finite number of tickets printed for each annual drawing, which makes El Gordo de Navidad more similar to a raffle-style game.

El Gordo de Navidad has numerous prizes, each one handed to the holder of a specific numerical combination.

Prize Breakdown

Spain - El Gordo de Navidad - Prize Breakdown

There are 17 distinct prize tiers drawn for each of the annual El Gordo de Navidad games:

Prize Tiers Number of Prizes Prize (€)
El Gordo (first prize) 1 4,000,000
Second 1 1,250,000
3 1 500,000
4 2 200,000
5 8 60,000
La Pedrea 1794 1,000
Given for 2 consecutive numbers appearing either before or after the first prize number 2 20,000
For 2 numbers that appear one before and one after the second prize number 2 12,500
For 2 numbers that appear one before and one after the third prize number 2 9,600
For 99 numbers that have the same first digit as the first prize 99 1,000
For 99 numbers that have the same first digit as the second prize 99 1,000
For 99 numbers that have the same first digit as the third prize 99 1,000
For the numbers with the same first 3 digits as the fourth prizes 198 1,000
For the numbers with the last 2 digits as the first prize 999 1,000
For the numbers with the last 2 digits as the second prize 999 1,000
For the numbers with the last 2 digits as the third prize 999 1,000
For the numbers with the same last digit as the first prize 999 200


This table refers to the prizes handed out in 2017. The exact number of tickets being printed and the level of each prize may vary from year to year. In 2017, the total value of El Gordo de Navidad prizes reached 2.240 billion euro.

According to the official announcement, every one of three players will win a prize in the Christmas lottery.

Keep in mind that the exact number of tickets and series could differ from one year to the other, which will also have a slight impact on the prizes.

Since 2013, an income tax of 20 percent applies to all of the lottery prizes that exceed 2,500 euro.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts about the Spain - El Gordo de Navidad

1. El Gordo de Navidad is the official Christmas lottery in Spain. It takes place once each year and happens to be one of the biggest lottery events in the country. According to statistics, 98 percent of the Spanish population will participate in the lottery. Some families may end up saving money in the months leading to December in order to buy a bigger number of tickets.

2. The Christmas lottery is also very popular among foreigners. Thousands of people who aren’t Spanish citizens buy their tickets every single year because of the excellent odds of winning. More than a million people win a prize every single year by playing the Spanish Christmas lottery.

3. Just like other lotteries across the world, this one collects significant funds for charities and social causes. Each year, more than 68 million euro of the money collected will go to selected charities and organizations like the Red Cross.

4. Ticket sales close each year on December 21, a day before the drawing. On the day of the drawing and the coming one, Spain comes to a standstill – just about everyone is in front of the TV to check out whether they’ve won anything.

5. Very often, lottery retail venues sell tickets from the same batch. Because of the manner in which the winning tickets are being drawn, large prizes end up in the same city or area. 

6. Drawings of Spain’s Christmas lottery have been held ever since December 18, 1812. 

7. The name of the lottery comes from the name of the top prize. El Gordo means the “fat one” and its drawing is the climax of the game. Usually, lottery outlets in different parts of the country sell tickets for one or two numbers. Thus, it’s very common for El Gordo to go entirely to the same region or to even be distributed among coworkers.

8. In 2011, El Gordo was sold in a small town called Granen. The town of 2,000 people quickly became the most popular place in the country. Keep in mind that El Gordo is simply the name of the top prize. Currently, Spain has a completely separate lottery called El Gordo de la Primitiva that has nothing to do with the Christmas lottery. The similar names, however, have resulted in some confusion.

9. Spain’s Christmas lottery is the second oldest lottery in the world to run continuously. El Gordo de la Navidad was even drawn during the Spanish Civil War.

10. Because of the massive payout per drawing, El Gordo de la Navidad is considered the biggest lottery in the world. 

Latest Results

Latest Spain - El Gordo de Navidad Results

The El Gordo de Navidad drawing takes place each year on December 22:

The drawing takes place over the course of three hours and it is broadcast live. Ticket sales end on December 21, a day before the annual drawing.

To find out if you’ve won anything, check the El Gordo de Navidad results below:

Date Result
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