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How to play a Lottery

How to Play EuroMillions

To play EuroMillions and have a chance at winning, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Select 5 main numbers in the range from 1 to 50
  • Select 2 Lucky Stars in the range from 1 to 12

To win the jackpot, you obviously need to have five correct main numbers and two correct Lucky Stars. The minimum guaranteed EuroMillions jackpot is €15 million.

To win any of EuroMillions secondary prizes, check the prize breakdown below.

Prize Breakdown

EuroMillions - Prize Breakdown

There are numerous possibilities for winning a EuroMillions prize and here’s a breakdown of the options, as well as the estimated prizes:

Main Numbers Matched Lucky Stars Matched Estimated Win
5  Jackpot
5  €468,132
5  - € 80,171
4  €213
3  €64
3  €14.72
3  - €12.26
2  €20.25
2  €8.07
2  - €4.07
1  €10.81


There are special events and SuperDraws that feature much larger jackpots than the average for the game (€46.4 million). Watch for such events to increase your chances of earning higher amounts. The overall odds of winning any EuroMillions award are 1 in 13.

All of the prizes, including the jackpot are paid as a lump sum. The prizes are tax-free, apart from the ones won in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

You win by matching at least 2 numbers or 1 number and 2 Lucky Stars.

Prize claim deadlines vary by country (from three years in Austria to 60 days in France and Luxembourg). Prizes can only be claimed in the EU country where the ticket was purchased.

If there is no jackpot winner, the jackpot rolls over to the next drawing until it reaches a cap of €190 million.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts about the EuroMillions

1. The biggest jackpot won in the history of EuroMillions is €185 million. The winners were Colin and Chris Weir from Lars from the UK.

2. UK winners happen to be particularly fortunate – Adrian and Gillian Bayford won another impressive jackpot of £146 million in 2012.

3. When it comes to winning syndicates, a group of 12 bus drivers from the UK won slightly over €38 million in 2012.

4. The first person to ever win the EuroMillions jackpot is Dolores McNamara. The mother of six from Ireland won the £77 million prize in the summer of 2005.

5. Another major jackpot winner didn’t know she held the precious ticket for three days after the draw. The 2009 winner was 25 and from Majorca. She had the flu and it kept her in bed, away from the TV screen. After recovering, the lucky lady found out that she had just gotten €126 million richer.

Latest Results

Latest EuroMillions Results

The EuroMillions draws take place on:

  • Tuesday, 9pm Central European Time
  • Friday, 9pm Central European Time

Ticket sales for the respective drawing close at 8:30pm CET.

To find out if you’ve won something, check the EuroMillions results below:

Date Result
27 Mar
11 14 27 41 46 02 03 
24 Mar
07 12 26 30 33 10 11 
20 Mar
03 09 20 34 40 06 12 
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