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How to play a Lottery

How to Play Canada - Lotto 649

To play Lotto 649 and have a chance at winning, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49
  • Choose 1 bonus number from 1 to 49 (for additional prizes)

To win the jackpot, you need to have all 6 numbers for the draw (the bonus number doesn’t affect your chance of winning the jackpot).

Prize Breakdown

Canada - Lotto 649 - Prize Breakdown

The Canadian Lotto 649 gives you several options for winning a prize. Here’s the breakdown:

Numbers Matched Estimated Prize
5 + Bonus 6% of the Pool Funds*
5% of the Pool Funds*
9.5% of the Pool Funds*
3 CAD 10.00
2  + Bonus CAD 5.00
2 CAD 3.00


* The sum is divided equally between all of the players that qualify for the prize. If there are 5 people having 5 correct numbers and the accumulated 5% of the pool funds is 1,000,000 dollars, each winner will get 200,000 dollars.

All of the Lotto 649 prizes, including the jackpot, are paid in a lump sum. The good news is that the prize is tax-free. To win the jackpot, match 6 out of 49 numbers. Having the bonus number correct will increase the second tier earnings significantly.

Players have one year from the day of the draw to claim the prize that they’ve won. There are slight variations, depending on the province from which the ticket has been purchased. The lottery’s official website features all of the terms and conditions for prize claiming.

If the jackpot isn’t won during the respective draw, it will roll over to the next one. The great thing about Canada’s Lotto 649 is that there’s no rollover limit.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts about the Canada - Lotto 649

1. In just one year, Lotto 6/49 has handed the impressive 615.7 million dollars in the form of prizes.

2. Lotteries are incredibly popular in Canada and Lotto 649 is no exception. Research suggests that anywhere from 72 to 74 percent of the adult population plays lotteries (that’s nearly 16 million people!). Nearly 50 percent of these people buy quick pick tickets – the ones that feature software-generated numbers.

3. The third largest jackpot in the history of Lotto 649 was drawn in October 2005. A group of 17 oil plant workers purchased the winning ticket that gave them a prize of 54.3 million dollars.

Latest Results

Latest Canada - Lotto 649 Results

Lotto 6/49 draws take place 2 times per week:

  • Wednesday, 10:30pm Eastern Time
  • Saturday, 10:30pm Eastern Time

Ticket sales end about an hour prior to the respective draw.

To find out if you’ve won something, check the winning Lotto numbers 649 below:

Date Result
20 Jan
17 Jan
13 Jan
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