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How to play a Lottery

How to Play Mark 6

To play Mark 6, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Select 6 numbers from a pool of 49

To win the jackpot, you have to get all 6 of the numbers for the respective drawing correct.

Prize Breakdown

Mark 6 - Prize Breakdown

There are 7 main ways to win a prize in Hong Kong Mark 6 Lotto:

Correct Numbers Estimated Prize
6 Jackpot
5 + extra 15% of prize fund
40% of prize fund
4 + extra  9,600 HK dollars
640 HK dollars
3 + extra  320 HK dollars
40 HK dollars


The 2nd and 3rd prizes depend on the number of tickets bought for the respective drawing and the number of winners. The percentage of the prize fund is split evenly among all of the individuals who have bought a winning ticket for the respective prize tier.

The numbers mentioned in the table are averages. There could be variations on the number of tickets purchased for the respective drawing and the number of winning tickets in each prize tier.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts about the Mark 6

1. If there are no jackpot and 2nd prize tier winners, the money will be added towards the jackpot for the next drawing. The process continues until somebody finally wins. Because of this unique mechanism, Mark 6 is known to produce some pretty impressive jackpots.

2. The biggest jackpot in the history of the game was 164 million Hong Kong dollars or approximately 21.14 million US dollars. There were 2 lucky winning ticket holders who split the sum among themselves. This biggest jackpot fell on the unlucky September 13, 2014.

3. The second largest jackpot in the history of the game was 133.52 million Hong Kong dollars (17.2 million US dollars). It was split between 3 lucky winners. Each one of them took 44.5 million Hong Kong dollars home.

4. Jackpots in Hong Kong Lucky 6 are paid out either in the form of cash or via a cheque. All of the prize claims have to be made within 60 days of the respective drawing.

5. Apart from distributing prizes, the national entity responsible for organizing Mark 6 also allocates some of the funds generated through ticket sales to good causes. Some of the areas in which funding is provided include sports development, employment, healthy living, culture and arts.

Latest Results

Latest Mark 6 Results

The Match 6 draws take place on:

  • Tuesday, 9:30pm Hong Kong time
  • Thursday, 9:30pm Hong Kong time
  • Sunday, 9:30pm Hong Kong time

Ticket sales close 15 minutes prior to 9:30pm on the days of drawing.


To find out if you’ve won something, check the Match 6 results below:


Date Result
01 Feb
03 05 30 31 43 48 13 
23 Jan
02 11 13 45 46 49 42 
21 Jan
11 14 21 28 37 44 36 
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